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We’re looking for the best of the best across the globe. Are you a talented professional or student who is focused, has a drive to succeed, and work well with others? If so, you are highly encouraged to apply. We are a growing company rich in cultural diversity and recruiting leaders and interns worldwide. Working as a team, you will be providing your skilled talents to drive our superior products and services while also mentoring our staff in areas of performance efficiency and localized market effectiveness.

Opportunities exist in several of Bigfoot companies – Bigfoot Communications, Cleverlearn, and Bigfoot Productions, International Academy Of Film And Television, Bigfoot Entertainment, Fashtion TV, Asia – each having a need for your expertise and talent, and all conveniently located within the Bigfoot Center, our state-of-the-art facility on this island paradise.

In general we are looking for employees and interns in the following fields:

· Business Administration
· Film making
· Creatives / Photography
· Management
· Computer Science/IT
· Finance, Accounting
· International Studies

· Architecture / Civil Engineering

· Marketing
· Development or Programming
· Sales
· Customer Support

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Our consultants and interns span the globe, and we're actively recruiting additional talent as we continue to grow in existing markets and expand worldwide. Bigfoot Global Solutions needs quality people like you! To-date, our team consists of talents and professionals from the following countries:

· United Kingdom
· United States
· Canada
· Germany
· Austria
· Poland

· People's Republic of China
· Hongkong
· Vietnam
· Korea
· Philippines
· Taiwan

We invite you to further explore the opportunities in our Leadership and Internship Programs, for there are many. Bigfoot Global Solutions, Inc. is everything we have said, and the island of Cebu is all that you are imagining! Contact us and let’s see how we can benefit one another.

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